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Team Building Eco team building

Team Building Eco team building
Ecology is a sore point in our society. For too long , we took advantage of mother nature and its resources as if they were infinite and inexhaustible .
This team work wants to touch the sensitivity of each participant and the company.

The background is creative and artistic, in fact you want each participant to free their creativity and their own sense of beauty in the creation of an art work, an object of design, a tool which will then be selected and judged by our instructor.

These works will remain to each participant that will expose 'em in the office or at home, or they can be donated to organizations that work with us to improve the situation of those who really need a helping hand ; The department team building Rome will help you to match a training activity in the knowledge that you have made ??a big step in favor of the small nature of the world around us.
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