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Team Cooking for Rentokil Initial
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Customer Request

Rentokil Initial
asked for a team building which aimed at involving the participants and strengthen the team spirit inside the group.

We therefore proposed a team cooking in a refined location specifically chosen for its central position and the functionality of the spaces in which the participants challenged in a cooking competition in the name of the Italian tradition.

The guests were divided into two teams, both guided by an expert chef that we specifically chose, and they challenged in the preparation of the dishes chosen for the competition: ice-cream and a typical recipe of the Roman cuisine.

The excellent position of the location, situated near Piazza Navona, allowed us to organise an amazing touristic tour of the capital, visiting the main monuments and archaeological sites to conclude this amazing experience in the best way.

Achieved Objectives

The target of the activity was completly achieved because the participants collaborated among them, gathering their energies and exploiting their abilities in the best way to demonstrate creativity and spirit of initiative inside the team.

The guests were very satisfied because the experience, besides being formative, has been amusing and useful for everyone!
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