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It's time for some 'action for your business! These team building that you see below are able to let the adrenaline flow. We're talking about strong experiences that also require a minimum of athleticism to be addressed. There is everything from rafting with your colleagues up to a thrilling ride with the snowmobiles and a simulated war of Airsoft.

Activities Action dig deep into those who live and leave a great sense of energy due to the fact that was exceeded a limit that you thought you had. They are often held outside the city, in the province of Rome, and ensure the full participation of all human resources because of their active nature that can only involve everyone.

Team Building Softair

Military tactics and adrenaline. A team building that will teach a lot to participants.
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Jeep Team Building Rome

Team Building Jeep Ride

Driving of a roaring Jeep and surrounded by nature in a team building that unleashes the spirit of adventure of human resources.
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Rafting Team Building Rome

Team Building Rafting

Between the rapids near Rome. A breathtaking team building for a company that needs to unify its members.
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Road Map Team Building Rome

Team Building Road map game

Create your event, plan the strategy and win together with your team.
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Rugby Team Building Rome

Team Building Rugby team

In contrast to other sports such as football or basketball, in rugby the individual will never be enough to make a difference; team wins and only that.
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Team Building Orienteering Rome

Team Building Orienteering

Find your way in green nature in this orienteering activity.
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Sail Team Building in Rome

Team Building Sailing

In the sea on a boat you have to work and cooperate: like it or not.
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Team Building Quad Rome

Team Building Quad

Dust, engine roar and a wood. This a quad team building adventure that will really engage the colleagues!
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Sport Driving Team Building Rome

Team Building Sport Driving

We must also be able to take decisions in rapidly changing situations; that is the purpose of teambuilding sport driving.
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SnowMobile Teambuilding Rome

Team Building Motoslitte

A snowmobile race in the snow. What else? A perfect team building for those who want strong emotions.
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Spy Game Team Building Rome

Team Building Spy game

A case to solve between adrenaline, pursuits and insights. A team building which involves till the highest levels the participants.
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Team building Slotcars Rome

Slotcars team building

Push it hard but be careful no to exceed if you don't wanna jump out the track!
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