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How to improve creativity in a company? How to stimulate the creativity of its human resources? These are questions that many HR ask but often do not find a solution. A very effective way is represented by activities outside the workplace that can unite the participants in a creative process with the aim of creating something new and useful for themselves. Our creative team building are just the thing for you.

we are talking about particular business activities that stimulate the creativity of human resources. An example that applies to everyone is the carton boat: create with predetermined materials, a boat that will float.

Innovation is often the result of creativity and in business it is essential that every employee has his creative drive to improve what it covers.
Team Building Drawing Rome

Team Building Drawing

Through drawing this team building is suitable for every type of company and results can be seen on the short and long term.
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Ecology team building rome

Team Building Eco team building

Giving space to ecological issues should be the duty of every enterprise. In this task, we combine creativity and education.
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Team Cooking Team Building Rome

Team Building Team cooking

A business challenge between recipes and dishes of the Italian tradition to join the group and train it.
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Guess Who Team Building Rome

Team Building Guess Who

The human review of the famous board game: fun is guaranteed.
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Carton Boat Team Building

Team Building Carton Boat

You'll build a carton boat with your team; will you sink down?
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Arts Team Building in Rome

Team Building Arts

Discover new talents through the arts free from constraints and the rolel of corporate hierarchies.
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Sneak Peek Team Building Rome

Team Building Sneak Peek

Smartness, ability to observe and communication are the secrets to win this amazing team building!
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Corporate Orchestra Team Building Rome

Team Building Corporate Orchestra

In a company each member contributes equally to the final result. The same in an orchestra
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Quiz game team building in rome

Team Building Quiz games

Who knows it? A quiz game for employees of all ages. The perfect team building for your company.
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Drum Circle | Team Building Rome Italy

Team Building Percussion circle

Everyone is equal behind the drum. A tribal team building which has a unique fascination. Discover it at a very interesting price.
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Murder Game | Team building Rome

Team Building Murder dinner game

Eat something special and try to guess the murderer. Will you be able to help your team to find him/her out?
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CSI team building in Rome

Team Building CSI

A team building based on the investigation of the tv drama CSI
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Team Building Orienteering Rome

Team Building Orienteering

Find your way in green nature in this orienteering activity.
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Team Building Antique Cars Rome

Team Building Caccia al tesoro in auto d'epoca

'50 '60 and '70s cars are the secret to have a car treasure hunt with a Dolce Vita flavour.
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Theatre Team Building rome

Team Building Corporate Theatre

A deep breath and you're on stage. Act with your colleagues in a funny comedy.
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Radio Team Show Team Building Rome

Team Building Radio team

Broadcast your company radio show with us!
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Team building funny situations

Team Building Funny situations

The situation is very strange it's your time to act!
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