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Team Building Rugby team

Team Building Rugby team
Strength, unity and loyalty, these are the main ingredients of the sport of rugby, and are the same concepts that you want to convey to the working group and to the participants in this team building in Rome, where the sport is followed by  thousands of fans from all over Italy.

The purpose of the sport of rugby gain ground in scrums (all together) gradually to reach the goal, the common goal .
This sports team building will take participants to adopt a strategy group to be able to reach the goal. Obviously the contact in rugby is the protagonist, you have to have control of yourself and always respect the opponent, because in the philosophy of the sport is not intended violence. The tactics also will be accompanied to the technique with a time of initial briefing to learn the basics.
It may seem at first glance a ' team building activities suitable for boys only, but you will be surprised how much the women pull out all their determination in this discipline. It is also a proposal that you can customize is to optimize tailored to the needs of any group.

Rugby is proposed as a team building experience because it helps the union of the group, and through physical exertion allows to improve and release stress .

You should not miss the email objective, the destination is the destination, it is a continuous push your limits .
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