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Team building Thrilling and role-playing games

The intuitive capabilities of human resources can greatly help a company to eliminate possible problems at the root. The ability to observe and plan actions in coordination with a team is really important in business context.

These gaming activities for corporate groups aim to enhance the capacity of observation, the ability to quickly perceive elements the coordination with the working group. Everything is done through the thrill that only the pathos of the investigation can give. We provide similar activities to the American TV series that made the world go crazy again to the genre of the detective and "yellow".
Murder Game | Team building Rome

Team Building Murder dinner game

Eat something special and try to guess the murderer. Will you be able to help your team to find him/her out?
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CSI team building in Rome

Team Building CSI

A team building based on the investigation of the tv drama CSI
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Theatre Team Building rome

Team Building Corporate Theatre

A deep breath and you're on stage. Act with your colleagues in a funny comedy.
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Guess Who Team Building Rome

Team Building Guess Who

The human review of the famous board game: fun is guaranteed.
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Sneak Peek Team Building Rome

Team Building Sneak Peek

Smartness, ability to observe and communication are the secrets to win this amazing team building!
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Road Map Team Building Rome

Team Building Road map game

Create your event, plan the strategy and win together with your team.
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Spy Game Team Building Rome

Team Building Spy game

A case to solve between adrenaline, pursuits and insights. A team building which involves till the highest levels the participants.
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Quiz game team building in rome

Team Building Quiz games

Who knows it? A quiz game for employees of all ages. The perfect team building for your company.
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