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The strength of a company is measured also in the skills that your employees have, especially in areas not directly related to the business your into.

For example, it can prove to be extremely useful in a company that deals with publishing and communication, that its employees possess basic knowledge in the field of theater and acting. The benefits of cross-disciplinary knowledge should never be underestimated because thanks to a predisposition to adapt the idea of a discipline and apply it to your life, it's possible to create some innovation. A typical case is that of Gutenberg who invented the machine to print the books based on the machines for crushing / pressing of grapes.

Below you can find company training activities in the field of design, music, kitchen till  the military tactics of Airsoft.
Theatre Team Building rome

Team Building Corporate Theatre

A deep breath and you're on stage. Act with your colleagues in a funny comedy.
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Train with the champion Team Building Rome

Team Building Train With The Champion

Being inspired by those who have reached very high levels in a sport field in order to draw the secrets and take them with you.
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Sneak Peek Team Building Rome

Team Building Sneak Peek

Smartness, ability to observe and communication are the secrets to win this amazing team building!
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Arts Team Building in Rome

Team Building Arts

Discover new talents through the arts free from constraints and the rolel of corporate hierarchies.
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Guess Who Team Building Rome

Team Building Guess Who

The human review of the famous board game: fun is guaranteed.
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Corporate Orchestra Team Building Rome

Team Building Corporate Orchestra

In a company each member contributes equally to the final result. The same in an orchestra
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Spy Game Team Building Rome

Team Building Spy game

A case to solve between adrenaline, pursuits and insights. A team building which involves till the highest levels the participants.
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Quiz game team building in rome

Team Building Quiz games

Who knows it? A quiz game for employees of all ages. The perfect team building for your company.
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Ecology team building rome

Team Building Eco team building

Giving space to ecological issues should be the duty of every enterprise. In this task, we combine creativity and education.
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Drum Circle | Team Building Rome Italy

Team Building Percussion circle

Everyone is equal behind the drum. A tribal team building which has a unique fascination. Discover it at a very interesting price.
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Murder Game | Team building Rome

Team Building Murder dinner game

Eat something special and try to guess the murderer. Will you be able to help your team to find him/her out?
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Sail Team Building in Rome

Team Building Sailing

In the sea on a boat you have to work and cooperate: like it or not.
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Rugby Team Building Rome

Team Building Rugby team

In contrast to other sports such as football or basketball, in rugby the individual will never be enough to make a difference; team wins and only that.
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CSI team building in Rome

Team Building CSI

A team building based on the investigation of the tv drama CSI
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Team Building Drawing Rome

Team Building Drawing

Through drawing this team building is suitable for every type of company and results can be seen on the short and long term.
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Team Cooking Team Building Rome

Team Building Team cooking

A business challenge between recipes and dishes of the Italian tradition to join the group and train it.
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Team Building Orienteering Rome

Team Building Orienteering

Find your way in green nature in this orienteering activity.
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Radio Team Show Team Building Rome

Team Building Radio team

Broadcast your company radio show with us!
organize a team building
Team building funny situations

Team Building Funny situations

The situation is very strange it's your time to act!
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