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Team Building Guess Who

Team Building Guess Who
What is it : it is the "human version" of a famous board guessing game. This team building in Rome is a great way to have fun and test your speed of reasoning, cunning and boldness.

It begins with the creation of two teams which are delivered in a box with some items for dressing up as sunglasses, hats, fake mustaches, wigs.
Each participant will create a sign with the name of your character. Obviously, if man and woman swap roles the result will surely be more fun and you'll find the funny side of your colleagues who was tought to be a bit ' boring!

The team building is very simple: each team will choose the character that the opposing team would have to guess through direct questions about physical appearence.
During the preparation of our staff will shoot Polaroid pictures (or maybe even in a larger format frame with logos ) to all members of the team so as to leave a memory of the day and even easier to choose the character that the other team must identify .

Who's Who is a team building indoor that stimulates creativity .
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